The Program

Life At Camp

The best part of camp is living together as an Orthodox community. The presence of the priest – at prayer and at play – is a great blessing! The counselors are wonderful at making each cabin a “home away from home.” Friendships are quickly formed and everyone is strengthened and encouraged in their faith. Within the security of the Camp St. George community every child is free to enjoy all that camp has to offer and to draw closer to God in this unique setting.

The Morning

As an Orthodox community, we begin and end each day with prayer. It is so beautiful to hear the voices of our young people chanting and singing the services! Divine Liturgy is celebrated one morning during the week as a highlight of the camp’s “Eucharistic” character (the word Eucharist means “thanksgiving”).


After breakfast and Matins, the campers enjoy a quiet morning of Christian Education and Arts & Crafts. Oftentimes the campers have the opportunity to participate in an on-site service project (past projects include making bat boxes for Camp Wapsie and making fleece blankets for the children of a local shelter).

The Afternoon

After lunch and a short time of rest, the Afternoon Program is filled with outdoor recreation. Campers enjoy Camp Wapsie’s state-of-the-art Zip Line/Climbing/Rappelling Tower as well as Swimming, the Challenge Course, Ball Sports, Archery, Canoeing (including an all day canoe trip for older campers) and more!

The Evening

After everyone has had a chance to rest and freshen up, dinner is served, followed by Vespers and the always-enjoyable Evening Program! Fr. Patrick is still the undefeated “Big Splash Champion”… and the Greased Watermelon Challenge is also a Pool Party favorite! And what would camp be without Campfire Night and a hilarious Cabin Skit and Song Competition?! Everyone loves “Madness” and “Flashlight Tag” and who knows what new games will become favorites in years to come? The older campers have the privilege of staying up later for discussions and additional activities. And all the counselors have special “Cabin Time” activities with their campers each night before the official “Light’s Out!”